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Irma Vartanian Balian-Intercultural Trainer-Testimony

To be diverse is one thing but to be diverse with an open mindset is something else! Stephen’s wisdom, culturally rich background, authenticity and savvy approach to modern day challenges make him ...

Bhavya Gaur - Soulful Empowerment-Testimony

Stephen is a heart centered thought leader, master story-teller and visionary passionate about bringing a positive change in the world. He is truth-seeking, articulate and brings a wealth of ...

Catherine B. Roy-Business Coach-Testimony

Stephen is one of those rare and glorious souls who beams with truth and inspiration. By sharing his authentic vision and spirit through all his communications and connections, he indeed lives ...

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1 Reviews

U-CAN Global Multicultural Marketing Group, L.L.C, Global Cross-Cultural Business Intelligence Strategist

16 February 2016

16 February


This is a phenomenal company and good group of people to work with you. They truly do care about the individual need of the customer as if its their own. They s...
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