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The Global Shift! Are You Ready for It?

Welcome, to the U-CAN Global Multicultural Consultancy Group, L.L.C website. Here is an introductory to some of our work that we have done thus far. In this 10-minute presentation given by Stephen Underwood, you will learn some priceless benefits that leverage cognitive-based skills that can change the game from your profits to your most prized relationships.

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Stephen Underwood, Global Corporate Peacemaker

The Best Consultancy in Washington, DC

At U-CAN Global Multicultural Consultancy Group, LLC, we are a global intelligence group consultancy firm founded in 2014 within the Washington, DC - Baltimore area.  

Our organizational aim is to use our Spiritual Quotient through intelligence to help keep corporations, businesses, and organizations from corporate chaotic bankruptcy and ruin within the global marketplace. 

We bring the soul of the spirit of corporations, businesses, and org... Learn more

Highest Psychological Safety

Our intentional aim is to create the highest psychological safety for minority groups at large both in culture and society inside the corporate business world. We will achieve this through creative restorative justice, spiritual intelligence that fosters and builds socio-economic circular economic communities, entrepreneurial endeavors that creates justice for minorities and all people groups of color - establishing corporate equitability th... Learn more

Areas of Specialization

Our areas of specialization are Global Human Rights, Global Diplomacy Protocol/Etiquette, Global Business Consultancy, Global Health and Well-Being Consultant, Global Master Storytelling Designation, Elite Master NLP Practitioner, and Global Virtual Event Planner in the area of Leadership Development, Management Consultancy, and E-commerce to better help businesses and organizations to win in the global marketplace.

Our Interview with President of the USIDHR

(L) Stephen Underwood, Global Corporate Peacemaker with President of the USIDHR (R) Manuel Onacia in Washington, DC. Our company is a consultant with the USIDHR.