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///NEW/// The Shopping Annuity Savings Program
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The Shopping Annuity converts your Spending into Earning. It drives costs down because businesses have to compete to offer you the best price, it benefits the consumers and pools together collective buying power.

The Shopping Annuity | powered by Market America 

///NEW/// Our Cashback Program
Covert Spending Into Earning!

SHOP.COM is the ultimate online shopping destination. We are the leader of online cash back shopping.

SHOP.COM pays customers cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online for thousands of their favorite stores and millions of products.

Founded in 1997, SHOP.COM websites have paid over $50 million in cashback to its customers. 

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We're showing local businesses how to thrive in this new globalize economic marketplace of today. We help them implement this through our SHOP Local Earn Up to 15% Cashback Program that incentives a mutual partnership that generates revenue and increases customer traffic flow into the businesses that we assist with this particular program. Let's connect and see if we cannot help you thrive in this new global economy of today.  

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///NEW/// SHOP Travel
Earn Cashback Through SHOP Travel

SHOP Travel helps businesses as well as Business Owners, Professionals, Executives save while traveling through earning cashback with our travel website. Imagine saving cashback on all of your travel expenses throughout the year. 

For Example: 

Let's say you spend $400 on an airplane ticket for business travel, and you receive up to 15% cashback on that $400's that would be a cashback savings of $60's on that travel.  

Let us help you today by assisting you in your everyday travel expense needs by booking your next business trip through SHOP Travel! 

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