The Heart & Soul of Every Company!

The Heart & Soul of Every Company!

  • Impact Your Business and Life with Divine Intelligence 
  • We want to see you thrive in life and business in these post-pandemic times through leveraging your divine inclusive intelligence 
  • Thrive in life and business as we dive into your Divine Intelligence Flow 
  • Tap into your Spiritual Intelligence Flow state. Tackle key stressors that might be getting in your way post-pandemic  
  • Discover how to implement Alpha Mind-Tapping Techniques in order to hack your own mindset to functioning in a consistent Divine Inclusive Intelligent Flow state at will 
  • Pinpoint by exposing the pseudo-false sense of "imposter syndrome" that might be holding management and your team at bay from functioning and operating at they're full capacity in the corporate organization

The reality is, we've all been impacted by the pandemic. Are you experiencing any of these in your professional role and personal life?  

  • Suffering from brain fog in your professional role 
  • Finding it hard to get clarity 
  • Wondering what the future holds for you, your family, and friends 
  • Looking to bridge the gap between yourself and others, after months of social distancing and working from home 
  • Looking for creative ways to create psychological safety in a changing world, and in your corporate role 
  • Wondering why you're feeling tenacious so strongly since you returned to work (there is something called IAD- intermittent aggressive disorder, and it's on the rise!) 
  • In this new climate, you might be looking for ways to close the intellectual equity gap between yourself and your team 
  • The "Great" Resignation is at an all-time high discover ways you can either avoid it or even lessen its affect upon you whether personally, privately and publicly 
  • Exposing the "Imposter Syndrome" both in your professional, private, personal, and public life

If any of this sounds familiar, we're here to help!

Hi, I'm Stephen Underwood, your Global Corporate Peacemaker.  

Our aim at U-CAN Global Consultancy Group is to assist Professionals, Executives, Business Owners, and even individuals that suffer from post-Pandemic stress, anxiety, tiredness, fatigue, and burnout in their everyday lives.  

Our goal is to bring intellectual balance to your day-to-day life. 

Working together on the 7-point strategic stressors brought on by the pandemic, will help you find the balance you need in your professional and personal life.  

How We can help

By addressing the 7-point strategic stressors, and other issues, we can  

  • Build psychological safety 
  • Create equity in your professional and personal relationships 
  • Remove ambiguity and misalignment in your corporate culture  
  • Find and discover what the soul of your company actually is 
  • Unearth the natural raw talent within your company's soul to functioning in your Divine Intelligence Flow State 
  • Operate at a High-Performance State while working in Divine Inclusive Intelligence of being 
  • Lessen job tension both within and outside of the company culture  
  • Create lasting synergistic harmonious workplace vibe for everyone within the company that fosters social intelligence concerning your company's culture 

Our tailored training addresses these and many other issues that exist within and without of the corporate organization. 

We accomplish this through our coach-consulting strategies with our Divine Inclusive Intelligence systems that taps deep into the intelligence of the organization's soul.  

What is Divine Inclusive Intelligence and how it can help you thrive?

"Divine Inclusive Intelligence is the CPU housing unit by which all the other intelligences are housed in!"- Stephen Underwood, Global Corporate Peacemaker  

Access your full potential by accessing the Spiritual Quotient (SQ).  

Finding your flow state in life and business, through the 5 degrees of intelligence, can help improve and even enhance the overall intelligence of any group or team within the corporate environment. 

The 5 Degrees of Intelligence: 

  1. Spiritual Intelligence 
  2. Emotional Intelligence 
  3. Cognitive Intelligence 
  4. Physical Intelligence 
  5. Social Intelligence 

These degrees of intelligence are integral to Divine Inclusive Intelligence, or divine flow state. 

As you tap into each of these, through our tailored coaching sessions, you will find significant improvement in your workforce and in your private life.  

Sincerely Yours, 

U-CAN Global Multicultural Consultancy Group, LLC

Stephen Underwood, Global Corporate Peacemaker 

Business Email: [email protected]

Business Office #: 1+(202) 888-7348 ext. 101

Main Office #: 1+(202) 926-3560 ext. 101

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