11 Signs You Have Awakened Your Consciousness

Spiritual things may be too difficult for us to understand; for some people, it even seems absurd. Even so, there are some unusual things like supernatural powers that can actually be a part of us. Although we rarely realize, spiritual abilities in us can appear through certain signs.  

When you are finally spiritually awakened, it means that you have also awakened your consciousness. In your current state, life is definitely moving at a different pace; your old lives don't apply to you anymore. Although it's not like supernatural powers that you often see on TV, you notice that unusual things keep coming to you; you attract more, and you open more to daily miracles.  

So, how to identify when you have really awakened your consciousness? Although consciousness is a journey where ones keep becoming better and better by challenging their limits, you may consider these ten signs that you have raised your consciousness.

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